ePack creates an immediate digital presence of your Hong Kong corporation.

ePack = Domain + Email + Web
- one year HK Domain (xxx.hk, yyy.com.hk, etc)
- MEET Plan A email service (see http://b2k.hk/meet )
- Your Drupal Web Site with mobile, tablet, and desktop enabling (www.yourdomain.hk)


Why Offshore your Mail Server to Hong Kong?

Key reasons for your mail server to be in Hong Kong:
- Hong Kong is a finance and internet hub for Asia, particularly for China related biz
- a Special Administrative Region of China, with local common law based legal jurisdiction for digital asset protection
- ultra stable electricitiy, and blessed with low natural disaster rate like earth quake


Why Private Email Service? No free lunch.

Private email service means an email service that will NOT pass your email data for meta search, advertisement search, data mining, hunting for marketing information, etc, with your own domain name in your email address, and if managed, some support assistance.

Advertise on BOMO


Free advertisement on BOMO - deliver to mobile phone and web.



Cloud business cards to share with your customers.

HK Government

Hong Kong Government

Hong Kong Government web site at http://info.gov.hk

MEET Mail Service

MEET - Managed Email Service for Small and Medium Enterprise

MEET - Managed Email Service for Small and Medium Enterprise Plan A - 250GB for all mailboxes, max 10 email addresses, one domain (HKD 1800/year or USD 230) Plan B - 500GB for all mailboxes, max 50 email addresses, 2 domains (HKD 2880/year or USD 369) Plan C - 1000GB for all mailboxes, max 100 email addresses, 3 domains (HKD 5760/year or USD 738) Order - email us at sales@b2k.hk which plan you need - we invoice you for payment - point your domain MX to us - after payment, we deliver the mailboxes logon info Why MEET